Lodhi COLONY Store

Raw mango
The Lodhi Colony store marked our second partnership in space and interiors with Raw Mango, a brand we have worked closely with since its very inception. We designed the store to function as a space of discovery and immersion as opposed to a simple display of products and information.

In line with Raw Mango’s approach of embracing the ‘found’, the design of the space expanded on the heritage it embodied. Subtle allusions to the local structures in the area—a pre-independence era residential zone for government employees—and their pared-down Lutyens'-style details, were added to the structure and mixed with the brand’s broad sensibilities which respond to aesthetic cues from around India and the world, from across the arts, architecture, and music.

Each of the details was imagined and created to see how the brand's vocabulary can be extended in new ways. The rigour inherent to our creative process for Raw Mango is brought out in everything from smaller details like cornices and pedestals to furniture and larger interventions like a monolithic staircase or monumental dining table, both done in mild steel.
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