Brand IDENTITY & Language

Mother of Two is a small, new (yet not so new) company in London that curates and organises bespoke fashion and lifestyle events. We crafted their name, logo, visual identity and brand tone. The Founder had been running the business under her name for many years and wanted it to have its own identity as the business evolved. We felt that the identity had to draw from her personal life and personality as they have helped define what her business had become.

Along with the name, we created an affable yet committed identity and tone with a graphic system that allowed an interplay of styles across a refreshing, dynamic, and conversational brand language.Mother of Two’s brand tone is playful, conversational, relatable and not too complicated. The symbol is a customised interpretation of the peace sign emoji, representing the casual and uncomplicated spirit of the brand.

The social media strategy we developed for the brand carries this forward by bringing in a mix of popular and lesser-known elements from South Asian diaspora and pop-culture