We collaborated with Mochu, artist and long-time friend of Squadron 14, on his book Nervous Fossils: Syndromes of the Synthetic Nether, published collaboratively by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and Reliable Copy. The Images in this book were created as a creative collaboration between Adityan Melekalam of Squadron 14 and the author Mochu.

For the image-making, we combined both traditional and unconventional 2D and 3D techniques, to create a series of artefacts which runs in parallel with the text, hinting at the popular culture references in the text generating a hallucinogenic chronicle of a society networked into the corporative state and its material, political and economic phenomena.

The design language and art direction for the book, including typography and page layouts, has a throwaway, industrial tone, calling to mind the homogenised barrenness of the Freeport megaproject in the Persian Gulf around which the narrative of the text is based.
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