One by Two

Ikkis by Gunjan Gupta draws inspiration from everyday Indian objects to create luxury design pieces for the home. We collaborated with Ikkis on the product design, and subsequently worked on the naming, identity and campaign visuals for their 2022 festive collection.

The challenge with this collection was to break away from the usual tropes of festive tableware, and showcase the pieces as unique design objects. For the design of the objects, we worked on the interplay of colour and material, and chose to go with a simple splitting of the objects into two halves- coloured enamel in shades of blue and green, and natural brass. In line with the Ikkis philosophy, the name ‘One by Two’, draws from colloquial English and captures the idea behind the product design perfectly.

For the social media campaign of the collection, we created a series of films and stills using 3D models of the objects which highlight the inherent geometry of the objects and how they interact with each other to form infinite possibilities of play.