Launch Campaign

In 2022, we helped our longtime friends and collaborators Raw Mango design and launch their store in Chennai. We designed the collateral for the launch campaign of the store, and co-curated a series of narratives which welcomed Raw Mango into the city of Chennai through stories, anecdotes, and photo-essays from artists and storytellers who bear a connection with the city. This consisted of contributions by Shiva Nallaperumal, Manjusha PP, and Pavitra Rajaram.

The visual design combined elements from Raw mango’s universe, and juxtaposed them with the local visual vocabulary. This included details from our design for the store’s architecture, interiors, furniture, and objects— the wardrobes, reception counter, and intricately carved ceilings, complemented by typographic details which subtly referenced the visual culture of Tamil Nadu, including vintage calendars and typography used in street-art in and around Chennai explored through custom lettering.

In our explorations, we crafted a vivid colour palette of beige, greens and purples, which was subsequently distilled into Raw Mango’s signature monochromatic green.
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